K.T.B liber is a non-profit association, governed by two people. We do not intend to claim more than what we want to offer and allow thanks to this project. We do not live from it and have, each of our sides, our professional and personal occupations.

Also, our time is divided between K.T.B liber and our life which allows us to meet, invent and allow ideas to be born and exist. Be aware that sometimes responses to emails may be late, but do not worry, we will have read them and we will take the time to respond to you at the right time.

In addition, it is important to clarify, by what follows, the elements that constitute our ethics and morals of K.T.B liber. Let us all be clear about these conditions for a better approach to everyone, through this project and for others still.

The ethics of KTB liber does not impose any barrier to the fundamental freedom which composes it, but it refrains from what it considers to be dangerous in the idea that it shares and in the respect that it gives to books and to the beings who write them.

As well :

– K.T.B liber condemns hatred.

– K.T.B liber condemns the apology for wars, the apology for crimes against humanity and all apologies which demean the human species to the domination of one for his own interests.

– K.T.B liber condemns racial ideologies which try to classify men as race and difference, which tries to make people believe that certain peoples are superior to other peoples, that certain men are superior to other men.

– K.T.B liber disapproves of all kinds of thoughts hostile to the moral serenity which composes this ethics and the principles of K.T.B liber.

– K.T.B liber condemns all kinds of thoughts which go against everyone’s choice to be at peace with oneself and which manipulates the mores of human nature.

– K.T.B liber condemns theft, plagiarism and lying.

– K.T.B liber will never judge the content of a work, its form, style, purpose or clumsiness unless it manifests or attempts to manifest the points that K.T.B liber disapproves of.

– K.T.B liber leaves the past to the past and does not seek to know the history of its authors. Nevertheless, K.T.B liber asks his neighbor to be honest, frank and respectful of the principles and convictions of K.T.B liber. K.T.B liber does not promote what it is but claims the freedom of everyone to be able to write and share their knowledge or their dreams.

You can find the full conditions HERE