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None of the works offered on this site are owned by KTB liber Edition and Production: each book content and according to the general publishing conditions offered by the association (text written and signed by an author by a non-exclusive contract) in free circulation, belongs entirely to the authors and are only theirs. Nevertheless, a copy of all the books published and edited by KTB liber Edition and Production before their circulation, is sent to the National Library of France (BNF) for legal rights on its date of publication and ownership with the author (COPYRIGHT ). In addition, we are committed to transparency on the media and resources given for the proper functioning of KTB liber Edition and Production as well as on the documents relating to the existence of a book, its owner, its content, its printing, its layout, the authors / publishers association.



The administrators give themselves the right to modify the site and all its content as they see fit and in the interest of the joint K.T.B liber Edition and Production project. No one other than the administrators is authorized to manipulate, modify or make any modification to the website of K.T.B liber Edition and Production, except exceptional decisions.

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K.T.B liber Edition Libre and K.T.B liber Production are, by veto, under copyright and all rights reserved including the idea, the form, the structure and the derivations / modifications of the logos, of its form. However, by ethical choice, access to the logos is available by special request or in connection with the projects proposed by KTB liber Edition and Production by a third party and under the conditions which will be offered, by signature and if the interest of and / or of claimants makes sense of what we stand for. At no time do we authorize the use of our logos for lucrative actions or against the idea that we represent.

For any request, it’s HERE.

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ALL the works are signed by their authors or K.T.B liber Édition et Production which come back to point number II.

However, for any specific requests for the use of the works exhibited on the site, please go HERE.



All the books in circulation carrying “KTB liber Free Edition” in their pages, a QR-CODE assigned to the book, its editorial line and the name of the author, are under publishing contract by common and free agreement and are only possessions of the authors. However, in front of editorial, freedom and media laws, all books are marked by a unique ISBN and a copy of which is kept at the National Library of France before its circulation.

Books bearing the logo and editorial line of K.T.B liber Edition and Production under copyright

Some exceptions can be attributed depending on the agreements and artistic dimensions referred to on the published works and in all materials and all forms represented by K.T.B liber Edition and Production. If a crime of plagiarism is denounced with a book published by us, we do not carry
not responsible but we remain available for any complaints and contact
provided that you prove the denunciation to our administration by providing
in attachments, the documents proving your claim. For these said claims, it is HERE.

We are voluntarily with the authors and accept to present ourselves with all official documents in our possession and linked to our Association to prove our total transparency as to our objective and we accept before the law to be present to represent and defend books, authors and their ideas as much as ours.

All images or portraits present on the site are either possession of K.T.B liber Edition and Production, or possession of those who have agreed to share them on the site of K.T.B liber Edition and Production. We, administrators and we alone have the right to decide its content and relevance for one or more projects, whether literary or media.

K.T.B liber Production-

is under the same rules and conditions as the works
from -K.T.B liber Edition et Production-.

Videos, music, photographs etc. shared on the site are, however, possessions of:

-K.T.B liber Production- on the site and are possessions of the artists who created them, but remain free of access on condition of naming the author, the creator or the production -K.T.B liber Production- in the extracts or the totality of a work if this one must leave the Internet site www.ktb-liber.org. Any special request regarding rights must be made by mail to the address named above. Finally, -K.T.B liber Production- is a non-profit association production and only survives thanks to various donations or by the sole means of its administrators. Any commercial use of the works of -KTB liber Production- is condemned by its administrators, its producers and its organizers and puts under the yoke of the law any user or individual using our productions to make trade without our opinion or without our authorization and without the authorization of the author or the signing artist. Each work is signed and protected by right with the National Library of France for sound, pictorial and videographic media.



By ethical choice, we want our Association to be transparent and accessible regarding its administration.

Statuts (FR)

Love and Peace to All

For more information on the legal notices:

Law n ° 2004-575 of June 21, 2004 for confidence in the digital economy

Authorizations beyond the scope of this license and other complaints can be obtained by clicking on this sentence.

K.T.B liber Edition and Production of Cyrille GOLLIER and Romain MARCHAND.
Based on a work at www.ktb-liber.org.