The books that circulate are pieces of life, fragments of thought, history, imagination. So many elements that put the book up to the level of man. What he says, what he says, what he tries to understand or what he makes people understand is on the same level as human intelligence. Also, it is not a question of seeing the book with the function that one gives it. The object “book” is not just a paper pile on which we release our ideas. It is not just an object for which we give our respect simply because it is “book”. It is a power, an instrument, a force, a light both for the one who writes for the first time and for those who read for the first time. It is the material of a thing so complicated in the nature of men, of a thing so vast that one never really grasps what it represents in itself, for itself: consciousness. Be aware of what we do, what we say, what we decide, what we fear, what we desire. So much that our conscience conceives but that it is sometimes difficult to understand, that it is sometimes difficult to put into matter, in concept and in sense.

To be aware that we are holding in our hands, with these books, a piece of life, a piece of someone, a piece of all these things that we store in our minds, in our senses, in our consciousness. Be aware of the effects that words bring to us when we read them, of the effects that words carry within us when we understand them, when they sometimes answer questions that we dare to ask ourselves or when they finally wake up what we dared not confess to ourselves.

Human Union and respect for the Book. This is the main vocation of K.T.B liber. A vocation that carries its meaning in human exchange, sharing, communication, freedom. A strong and genuine Union where the Book is the first smile, the first step, the first idea. A disinterested force, which demands nothing, which implies nothing or only the idea of ​​being united thanks to these books. An idea of ​​humanism and respect between Man and the primordial idea, in each of us, of having known how to create, to have known how to invent and to look with our eyes at what we managed to do at that time. of our lives.

The Books that KTB liber puts into circulation, are free books, which refuse to the library, which refuse to forget a drawer or this other function that they sometimes have, to stall a table or an armchair . They refuse to be read only because they have to be read. They are alive, whole in what an author has put inside him and only ask to be read if we respect them and if we respect those who compose them, those who help them to live.

Books that we make speak, books which gives the possibility of exchanging words, sentences, opinions, thoughts, criticisms, help or thanks. Besides, they will ask you for it every time you find one for a walk:

What you hold in your hand is an idea, a thought, a dream which must remain free, which must breathe, as you breathe too. You can walk me, take the time to get to know me, but if you found me on a table, on a bench or on the green grass of a populated park, I ask you, please when you m ‘ve read, put me back on the street, where you like and where I could meet someone else.
Free I was born, Free I will be,
do not forget it.

Everything is said of what they will ask you each time!

We also ask you, for them, for the authors, for the free edition and for the diffusion of peace and gathering that can be Books:

let them live, leave them free.

To offer this means to all is no more ambitious than to believe in humanity, than to believe in one’s neighbor, than to believe that there is not only one thought for all, that there is not only a definition of freedom, that there is not only a way of conceiving the idea of ​​arts, matter and thought. That there is no respect except for things accredited by the ideas of the world and the simplistic definitions, aligned and devoid of possibilities.

To offer this means to all is also to ask ourselves where we are in the spirit of our bodies, in the consciousness of each one, in the thoughts which guide us and in the ideas which we carry on the world. These books live. These books stand up like all of us. They will look at the world with what they know about it, what you will give them to say, to tell, to invent, to understand. They will be born and ask to grow like all of us.

Also, we ask you, dear readers, authors, passersby, women, men, children, adventurers, curious or passionate, artists, publishers, provocateurs, pacifists, protect them from rain, snow if you see them poorly exposed. Do not hesitate to put them in stations, waiting rooms, public places where we are sheltered. Protect them from the unconscious as you protect yourself from the risks of life, help them as you know how to help the other. Help them and already you will have shown respect, humanity and meaning.

Authors, books and K.T.B liber thank you.